Partial Recruitment Services

Partial Recruitment Services

Thorough, Insightful Recruiting Process! No Shortcuts!

Need a new hire? Short of time? Need help? Don’t want to outsource the whole project?                               Bunyon Recruitment Partial Services may well be your answer!

We will tailor our partial recruiting services to cover the bases allowing you to control the essential aspects and final outcome.


Our partial services could include any of the following functions:

Discussion of the role and confirmation of job responsibilities

Formulation of a Position Description and Employment

Writing and posting Job Ads

Process incoming inquires and Resumes

Match search through our Passive Job Seekers Network and Database

Screening of Job Applicants emails

Initial phone interviews

Face to face interviews

Facilitate psychometric assessment, skills tests and/or national police clearance


Notification of unsuccessful candidates


As a Manager, you may not have the experience or time to do everything, don’t shortcut, call Bunyon Recruitment to follow through on the recruiting processes you can't or don't have the time to complete.

Also, there are potential candidates to be sourced through our network of passive job seekers who are not actively job seeking themselves but have registered with Bunyon Recruitment to be contacted when their preferred jobs surface, this is simply convenient!

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