Individual Training


Individual Training

So you want more responsibility and the recognition and perks that come with it. You know you're able and would love the opportunity but it seems to be avoiding you... What’s the deal?

Whether you're studying, retrenched, job seeking, employed and desiring new skills or dying for the next promotion or just managing... you are at that critical point in a challenging and competitive economy where you want to be that person who is shortlisted for the job! Also with increasing economic pressures on businesses, there are more retrenchments and less employment opportunities. Those employed are expected to take on more responsibilities and be more diversified in the workplace.

How do you Alert the Decision Makers that You Are The One?

Acquired Skills through accredited training is one prominent advantage under consideration when employers are seeking to employ new staff or promote current staff. When decision makers must choose between talent options for a task or opportunity – whether it is project, promotion or employment - one of the most critical competency question is ‘Can the Person Achieve the Results?’.

It is not just your acquired qualification but also your current and future willingness and ability to learn and adapt. Self motivation for personal and professional development is one of the keys to promotion.

Experience argues ‘I can do this because I’ve already done it’. Times are changing, the workplace is changing and yet most of us resist change and we lean entirely on past experience to hold our jobs when the truth is we sometimes need to unlearn what we have learnt and training is a mechanism that is great for instigating change.

As recruiters, Bunyon knows the value of education in training. It opens new job opportunities or may just save your current one.

Committing and completing your training qualification is the best way to express an inward commitment to self development and appreciation to those who have made your training possible.

Furthermore, with attaining a nationally recognised qualification, you are more equipped with the confidence and new skills required to achieve your goals. 

In your chosen career pathway, don't make the mistake of jumping from one course to another or going straight for a Diploma Qualification without undertaking a Certificate III or Certificate IV qualification which provides you the 'know how to' knowledge.

Bunyon Training Consultancy offers national training broker services and they desire to work with individuals who are committed to growing. They will assist in making the right decisions and spending your training dollars wisely.

Bunyon Training is not a registered training organisation, they broker to a select chosen number of Private Registered Training Organisations committed to your success with a wide range of funded accredited national qualifications to select from.

Currently, Bunyon Training Consultancy has around 200 national qualifications on scope for selection.

Advice on types of funded courses or funding programs in Adelaide SA and Australia wide - from personal training to workplace training solutions, pre-eligibility assessment, training delivery options, government funding available to reduce training costs to enrolment, Bunyon assists you in every step to be trained and assessed by the best Accredited Training Providers. Qualifications may be delivered Online, Classroom, 1 on 1 or Group Training at the Workplace, Distance training or in Adult or School Based training and traineeships/ apprenticeships depending on the RTO.

Course Pricing can vary in each state and in some cases, the courses are fully subsidised or funded.

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