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In a Business World Infatuated with Automation our Question is:

What about PEOPLE?


Recruitment is about PEOPLE, Employers needing talented, reliable, compatible PEOPLE  and Job Seekers are PEOPLE, wanting to connect with Employers who value them for who they are and what they offer.


When  recruitment is wrong it is very, very costly. It can easily cost a business thousands of dollars.... however, the right recruitment can provide an enormous benefit to any business.


If you are an employer, how much time do you have? How satisfied are you with your recruitment strategy and methodology? Are you ahead or behind in this highly competitive environment?


Talent sourcing requires special, specific, skills!


Bunyon Recruitment offers these skills. Honed over 2 decades in the recruitment industry, we offer help and security in matching Employees and Employers for mutually beneficial staffing solutions and strategy.


Employers - We offer: 

  • Professionalism.... With years of experience
  • Proven, Precise Processes…. With no shortcuts
  • ‡6 month guarantee …. Confidence you can trust
  • ‡Realistic Fees …. Excellent Return on Investment (Fixed Rates Available)


Passive or Active Job Seekers - We offer: 

  • Professionalism.... With years of personal care
  • Proven, Precise Processes… Good Job Matches
  • Respect, Consideration and Honesty... We listen!


Bunyon Recruitment is committed to successful placements and long term partnership

to ensure the future prosperity of our clients. Call Today!



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    Seeking employment or for a new role?

    Bunyon Recruitment can assist!

    You can check our Jobs Search for positions that will shortly be posted on our new website.

    However, our PASSIVE JOB SEEKERS are taking advantage of being notified of any New Positions by registering for our Jobs Search Free Service.


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    Want to be kept in the loop on job opportunities without having to actively search in your downtime?

    Let Bunyon Recruitment be your eyes and ears in the job networking scene!

    You will be notified of available job positions that could be a great match for you.

    Submit your details to be included in our Passive Job Seekers Network!


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    Education is essential for growth. By attaining National Qualifications or Accredited Training, participants are equipped with skills that are invaluable in job prospects.

    Qualifications can open the doorway to new opportunities.

    Training is an investment for your future.

    Contact Bunyon Training Consultants!


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